Stipend & Paychecks

Once you have officially matriculated (i.e. completed orientation with our payroll and human resources departments) you will receive a paycheck twice per month: one on the 15th of the month and one on the last day of the month. If a holiday or weekend occurs on those dates, paychecks/deposits will be sent on the previous week day. External fellowship winners will be paid in the exact same manner, but you must be sure to communicate with the program manager about the timeline of fellowship coverage.

Incoming PhD Students:

Upon acceptance and admission, one of your first meetings will be with the department’s administrators. To start receiving payments, there are some tax forms you will have to fill out. You should expect Ms. Deon Grant to contact you with the tax forms sometime over the Summer. Once you arrive in Baltimore, you are required to meet with Deborah Bartucci ([email protected]) for your payroll orientation. This must be done before you can officially matriculate. Information for International Students will come through Kay Beard.

Direct Deposit:

Direct deposit is available for all stipend payments, but must be initiated by the student through their bank of choice. Instructions on how to set up direct deposit can be found at You will need to log in with your established JHED ID credentials. Note: Direct Deposit set up information will become available roughly 2-3 weeks after your payroll orientation.


To check on your stipend go to (login) -> ESS/Employee self-service/ (login) -> Payroll Information where you can change your Direct Deposit and see Salary Statements (pdfs of your payments)