Current Council (2018-2019)

Taylor Bobrow
Role: President 

Lab: Nick Durr Lab
Research Interests:
Biophotonics and Endoscopic Imaging
Playing drum set, photography, and watching college athletics

Neha Thomas
Role: Outreach Chair
Lab: Jeremy Brown Lab 
Research Interests: Haptics and Medical Robotics

Badminton team, playing cello/piano, doodling, exploring nature/the city

Lexi Rindone
Role: General Board Member
Lab: Warren Grayson Lab 
Research Interests: Orthopedic Tissue Engineering

Hobbies: Tennis, classical and jazz piano, running and working out, healthy living, baking, reading the news, watching comedy

Rohan Vijayan
Role: General Board Member
Lab: I-STAR Lab
Research Interests: Image-guided surgery

Hobbies: Playing/listening to music, eating burgers, doing both at the same time

Chen Zhao
Role: General Board Member
Lab: Aleksander Popel Lab
Research Interests: 
Mechanistic and systems level modeling of human disease

Julie Shade
Role: General Board Member 
Lab:  Natalia Trayanova Lab 
Research Interests: Computational heart modeling for congenital diseases

 Music, weight lifting, bagels

Scott Sterrett
Role: Academic Chair
Lab:  Xiaoqin Wang Lab 
Research Interests: Auditory neuroscience

 Backpacking, trees, coffee

Alaina Shumate
Role: Webmaster 
Lab: Steven Salzberg Lab 
Research Interests: Computational genomics

Working out, playing softball, doing jigsaw puzzles, thinking about genomes

Andrianna Ayiotis
Role: Social Chair
Lab: Charley Della Santina Lab
Research Interests:  Physiology of the vestibular system and optimization of patient experience with the Multichannel Vestibular Implant

Logic/jigsaw puzzles, Netflix, snuggling with my cat