JHU Internet

Setting-up JHU WiFi for Laptops, PCs, and Phones

Johns Hopkins provides free WiFi access for all of your devices while on JHU campuses. The hopkins wireless network is built with many security features, including WPA2-Enterprise, PEAP, and powerful 256 bit encryption.  A high speed data link is provided to all the resources on the internal network.

To access and use the hopkins network  you will first need your JHED account already set up. Once you have done so, you can then have access to the JHU wireless networks. This will require a pretty specific set up process which you will have to complete correctly to use the WiFi. Any attempt to connect to the network without the proper settings will not be successful.

After you have set up your JHED account and are ready to use the on-campus WiFi, please go to the following page created by the JHU IT Department. This site will include how to connect various devices to the hopkins WiFi network:


Note: JHU policy has recently changed to require that only JHU owned computers can be physically connected to the university Ethernet lines. This is for the safety and security of the overall network, especially with regard to patient data. As such, please be aware that if you bring your own PC to a laboratory for long term use, it may not be connected to the ethernet unless it is property of JHU. You will have to make sure your device has WiFi capability in order to use the hopkins network to get online. While the JHU IT Department will help walk you through how to get connected to the internet, download software from the university (like MATLAB and SolidWorks), and how to use Hopkins security software, it will not provide IT support for issues with your personal laptops and PCs that you bring to the campus. Be aware that while some kind employees may be willing to help you, they are not required to do so.