Finding Your Home in Baltimore

Balancing cost, convenience, and commute along with personal preferences is important in finding a place to live in Baltimore. We’ve put together a list of places where many students reside, along with some useful links and documents for further reference.

Where Some of our Students Live


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List of Places to Consider

Charles Village

Many graduate and undergraduate students live here because it is very close to the Homewood campus. Students live in apartments such as The Broadview, Hopkins House, Uni One, The Marylander, Cresmont Lofts, The Carlyle, and University West, or other townhouses in that area.

Click here for a useful map of Charles Village apartments with JHMI stops.

Read more about Charles Village here and here.


Medical Campus

Students live in 929 Apartments near the medical campus. It is fully furnished and the apartment complex is mostly occupied by medical school students and other SOM graduate students. See more here.


Mount Vernon

South of Homewood campus and west of JHMI, this neighborhood is where the Hopkins shuttle stops in between the two campuses at Peabody. This area is known for its museums and monuments, and there are many restaurants and bars along Charles street. Many students live in townhouses and apartments close by. Common places to stay are Waterloo Place Apartments, Mount Vernon Apartments.

Read more about Mt. Vernon here.


Fells Point / Upper Fells

Located to the south of JHMI, this area is close to the water and is home to many quirky bars and restaurants. Nightlife is vibrant here. Students tend to live in townhouses around this area. See more about Fell’s Point here and here, and Upper Fell’s here.



The area to the southeast of JHMI, with a Safeway grocery store, a square with many Irish bars and cute restaurants, where many of the med students rent town homes. See more about Canton here and here.


Patterson Park

Neighborhood Southeast of JHMI.  Still walkable to the JHMI campus, but will probably get more room for your money than in Fells or Canton. The summer finds concerts, movies, and sports leagues in the park. Read more about Patterson Park here and here.


Inner Harbor

The area to the south of JHMI, with Whole Foods, the Landmark Theatre, gourmet restaurants, and the touristy spots. See more here and here.


Federal Hill

The area to the southwest of JHMI, with many dancing/dive bars; it’s close to 295 and 95, so people who work outside of Baltimore have easy access to the highways. Learn more of Federal Hill here. 


Mount Washington

The area to the northwest of Homewood, accessible by only car, but usually cheaper and roomier. A Hopkins satellite parking lot is located here, and there is a shuttle between the parking lot and the medical campus. More about Mt. Washington here.


White Marsh

The area to the northeast of Baltimore, with the IKEA and various suburbs-oriented stores. See more here.



A suburb that’s between Baltimore and DC, for students/professors whose partners or roommates need to work in either or both cities. Read more about downtown Columbia here.


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