Welcome to the Johns Hopkins
Biomedical Engineering PhD Program!

We are very happy that you have chosen to be a part of our team. This site will include everything you need to know in order to get started here. Please be sure to read through all the information very carefully. This collection of pages will help to guide you as a new student in many aspects including recommendations on various aspects of student life.

Next Steps Before Starting at JHU

Setting up your JHED
After you have informed the department about your decision to join JHU, typically by the end of June the system will allow you to set up your own account in the Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory (JHED). This will provide you access to set up your JHU outlook email, as well as add basic information into your profile. Many of the items can only be added by JHU administrators in payroll after you matriculate. After you officially start, usually within 2-3 weeks you will be enabled to complete your account and set up other items like direct deposit.

You will receive a packet via email sometime near the middle of June. This packet will include forms for you to fill out, scan, and email back to the department. If you don’t get it by mid to late July, email Hong Lan (hlan1@jhmi.edu)­­. JHU performs a background check that is mandatory for all entering graduate students. You will receive an email to complete a criminal background investigation from Universal Background. This background check is meant to screen for serious crimes, and the Department is only informed if you fail. You are allowed to request a copy of the report for your records when you agree to the check. Detailed questions about the background check can be directed to Eric Lee (elee74@jhmi.edu).

Picking a Start Date:
It is strongly recommended that you start as early as possible to help get situated in your labs before classes start. The current choices are to start on the following dates: May 28th, July 1st, July 29th, and August 15th. Your start date is the day you complete the matriculation process and begin working in your lab. These dates cannot be altered, and if you miss a start date, you may not start until the following date. While you may start earlier, all students MUST matriculate by August 15th and attend the School of Medicine Orientation on August 16thYou must notify Hong Lan (hlan1@jhmi.edu) of your start date no later than 12pm EST May 3rd, 2019.

The official orientation for all BME PhD students will occur in three events, and all three are mandatory. The first is performed on August 16th by the School of Medicine. The second mandatory orientation will be held on August 17th by the BME PhD department. Depending on your chosen start date, you will have to attend a brief Payroll Orientation for setting up your status and pay in the JHU system. The payroll orientation is explained further in the Matriculation tab.

Figuring out Transportation:
See all maps of shuttles from the East Baltimore Campus (School of Medicine) as well as the Homewood campus on the transportation tab of this site. Other modes of public transportation including the metro, which stops at the East Baltimore Campus, and the free Charm City Circulator are also featured on the transportation tab.

Deciding Where to Live: Living with other BMEs for the first year is highly suggested. It can make life easier, especially with respect to figuring out classes or labs etc. Join our Facebook group! Couples housing (2 couples per household) is also an option for those seeking cheaper rents. Padmapper is a great housing search tool, with advanced options for neighborhoods, walking distance, etc. Zillow or Craigslist are other options. To see more on neighborhoods, see the Housing tab.

Getting Involved:
The Student Affairs website is a great resource for housing, events, and campus life. The JHU Graduate Student Association (GSA) has a pretty up-to-date Facebook page with free events and such. There are also many important community outreach programs like THREAD, P-TECH. More information will be available in the Student Life section.